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Amber Evans Bio and Information

Amber Evans was born January 7, 1979 in a small Texas town. A few years later, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona with her mother and has remained there ever since.

Amber graduated from Arizona State University in 2001 with a business degree. After taking some time off to find herself, she returned to school to work toward her Masters. Modeling kept her from achieving “starving student” status.

Very close to her mother, she treasures family and friends above all. She lives with two small dogs, Suzie and Sasha, and one much-loved cat, Baxter. She makes a point of taking time for those things she values most in life. No longer one to go out and party, she instead opts to enjoy close company. She enjoys good food, loves movies, and likes to read anything that looks interesting.

Ms. Evans has been modeling since childhood. She loves the camera and loves to pose for an audience. She was 19 when she began taking her clothes off and working nude. Unleashing her natural sexuality and combining it with various stretches of her scintillating shape make her photo shoots some of the sexiest you can find. Her perfect 34-DD breasts and eye-catching backside only add more spark to the already lighted fire.

Her photosets will have you on the edge of your seat with eyes glued to the screen. You’ll want to take the time to linger over her well-defined form as it invites you to savor the softness it promises. You’ll see her in poses that only someone so skilled in yoga can perform. She has a classic cheerleader look about her — only she takes it up a notch and then some. She’ll have you cheering in no time.

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